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"It’s time we start giving our children the skills and tools they need to succeed in life, not at tests."

We need to substantially reduce the amount of standardized tests within our education system and lift the burdens being felt by so many teachers across our country.


Minimum Wage


"Every American should earn a livable wage for their work, raising the minimum wage will help ensure that."

Our economy should work for everybody, not just a select few. Raising the minimum wage will make sure our growing economy creates more middle class jobs.




"We have to do everything we can to end the senseless separation of families."

Our immigration system is broken and Arizona families are the ones paying the price. We need comprehensive immigration reform that keeps families together and makes the DREAM Act law.


Health Care


"I support the Affordable Care Act."

As an American and a veteran, I used to be appalled by the state of the American health care system. The Affordable Care Act has expanded access and quality of care, and I’m proud to support it.



Congressional Candidate - Arizona’s Seventh District

Ruben Gallego is a son of Hispanic immigrants, a veteran, and a community leader running for Congress to represent Arizona’s seventh congressional district. Ruben was the first in his family to attend college, graduating from Harvard University with a degree in International Relations. He later joined the Marine Corps, serving in Iraq with the well-known combat unit Lima 3/25. As a Marine, community leader, and elected official in the Arizona House of Representatives, Ruben has always been motivated by the same thing - a real appreciation of what families in Arizona are going through and a desire to help improve their lives.

Ruben was elected to the Arizona House of Representatives in 2010, serving until 2014. He represented District 27, which covers much of South Phoenix. He rose quickly in the state legislature, recently serving as Assistant Minority Leader. Ruben became known for his tough stand against extreme legislation pushed by Republicans in the state legislature, most recently leading the opposition to the discriminatory SB 1062, resulting in Governor Jan Brewer's veto. Ruben’s other main accomplishments as a legislator include leading the push for Medicaid Expansion and securing in-state tuition for veterans.

Ruben’s time in the legislature showed him that much of what he started working on as veterans’ issues touch everybody. Income inequality, education and opportunity disparity, immigration reform and the environment affect us all. These issues are going to require solutions from a fresh generation of leaders, and Ruben is running for Congress to help lead that movement.

Ruben sits on the board of the Phoenix Children’s Museum and the President's Community Advisory Board for South Mountain Community College. He was named one of Phoenix’s 40 leaders under the age of 40 by the Phoenix Business Journal. Ruben was also named one of Chicanos Por La Causa’s 40 under 40 most influential Hispanic leaders. Additionally, Ruben has served on Blue Ribbon Commissions for veterans’ issues.

Ruben and his wife Kate live in South Mountain.


Services for our Country


Ruben served in the Marine Corps in the Lima 3/25 combat unit. The company was involved in some of the hardest combat of the Iraq War.

Smart Policies

As a legislator, Ruben authored and co-authored sensible legislation designed for job growth and economic development.

Job Growth

Arizona has the potential to be a global leader in new and renewable energy while creating the type of infrastructure designed to help economic growth. We need fewer restrictions and more opportunities for Americans to get back to work.

Veterans' Affairs

Every veteran from every war should get the same standard of care as a member of Congress.

Minimum Wage

It’s time we raise the minimum wage.

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Ruben is happy to accept an endorsement from, an incredible organization dedicated to getting veterans like Ruben elected to public office.


Ruben Meets with President Obama

Last year, Ruben met with President Obama and his White House staff to discuss the future of Arizona.


Ruben Gallego Calls for Gov. Brewer to Veto 1062

Ruben was among the first to call on Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to veto the divisive SB1062.


Rep. Ruben Gallego on Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Ruben is leading the charge in Arizona for comprehensive immigration reform.


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Huffington Post Article

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When Congressman Ed Pastor announced he would no longer seek re-election, I immediately began to think of what a huge loss it was for both the State of Arizona and the United States Congress (who truly need more members like Ed).

Then Kate (my wife) gave me the look. The look that says, “this is it.” We made the decision together, as a team. And that’s how we’ll run my campaign for United State Congress, as a team. I hope that, with your help, I can eventually become a mild-mannered, tolerant and progressive Representative like Congressman Ed Pastor.